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Just Kallen Sale (a very pink post)

Greetings and Welcome to All
I will be selling only Kallen figures, so if you dig this chick, then you've come to the right place.
***Please leave your shipping info if you are interested, Happy Shopping :)***
All prices are negotiable!!!

First Up will be this lovely Kallen Kouzuki Emotion Style Model by Bandai (1/7 scale). She is brand new and in mint condition and has never been taken out of the box! I'll be charging $66 for her Shipping will still need to be determined, so please leave me your zip code if interested!  ^^

Next up is this Kallen Kozuki DX figure from Banpresto in Mint condition! This small model comes with a postcard of Kallen.
Currently charging $32. Shipping is once again not included.

Finally, we have here a Kallen Stadtfeld Resistance Uniform Version by Otomedama. This is a very rare and hard to find model, due to it being discontinued. Mint condition once again and has never been opened.
Price for her will be $65.

All prices are negotiable!!!
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