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My Sanctuary

15 May 1987
A New Year Comes a New Update! (kinda)
I'm still your average person living out an average life trying to get some reading done!

Here are a few things that you may not know about me:

I like to bike (not so much these cold days) brrrr
I like to jog in the evening especially summer nights
I wish I own a vespa or motorcycle (still did not get my permit XD)
I'm STILL OBSESSED with CODE Geass and Eyeshield 21 in an unhealthy way but now my Hiruma x Mamori fandom shipping is slowly overpowering everything else(Got to get more people to read this series)
Hiruma and Mamori is my OTP and Hiruma is still a deviant bastard that he is(that everyone loves) XD Although Lelouch will always have a place in my heart RIP
I am a "decent" artist who likes to believe that she can draw well. I need to find time to draw as well as learn the ropes to PhotoShop!
I have a VAST collection of Code Geass stuff and I'm trying to sell some off, since I got myself in major debt buying all of it in the first place XDD
annnd I guess I'm an easy going person...so please feel free to friend me if you like ^_^

Well I think that's all for now! :D Happy 2010!

~God is Great~

biking, code geass, hiruma&mamori and everything es21, jogging, lelouch!